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he even made out with the skank in FRONT of ME

Okay, I went out with this Guy I did'nt know for too long, but, I had feelings twords him, and im sure he had feelings twords me. well we hang out a few times, Then the next day, he's all the way on the other side of the feild From where we use to sit with each other.(where we hang out during lunch) and is giveing me dirty looks down the hall ways. He does'nt talk, nor does he call me back when I call him. When I do,I get his answering machine and leave one messsage. Still he did not call back. Well, I decided i'd break up with him the next day,but- (keep in mind we were still together right now) Then I saw this skanky girl all over him and he did'nt do anything! and he SAW me! It tore me apart. I went running off to a suclded place with a sharp object until A friend found me and some more found me, then someone told My Boyfriend that I was trying to commit Suicide and was crying and all he said was "Oh" and sat there with that skank. Never came to check on me. and thats when I ended it with me and him. It tore me apart, and he did'nt even care. Heck! the next day he even made out with the skank in FRONT of ME.


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