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Girls don't be fooled, they are all nice in the beginning

It all started in feburary, my friends and i went out and were introduced to these 3 nice guys! One of the guys was interested in one of my friends, and they started talking, until he tried to get me and my friend into a fight! She then stopped talking to him. A couple of days later was my brithday and he called me to wish be a happie birthday,and we just started talking. He seemed like a very nice and sweet guy! We then would talk all the time, and finally a month and a half later, he asked me out! I was incredibly happie, he was actually my first boyfrenn, and he made me feel like i was on top of the world! 2 months in and everything was still great, we would get into the occasional fight like every normal couple, but otherwise then that things were great! Until the 3rd month, i would call him and he would never answer or just hang up.. it got ot the point where we didnt talk for atleast 2 weeks straight! Then one day i get a txt message saying its over, with no explanation whatsoever? He didnt he have the b*lls to call me and tell me, but no in a txt message! and then when i would see him in person he would just be rude and be all over other girls infront of me! Girls dont be fooled, they are all nice in the begining, make sure you know what your getting yourself into!


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