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The boyfriend doesn't come back for the longest time

I told him I was falling in love with him...not that I LOVED him, I was FALLING in love...After four months I thought I could say it, I didn't think he was gonna hurt me the way he did. It all went bad one night when I was invited to a local bar to see an old friend that had moved away and I had not seen her in a couple of years. When I showed up, my friend was sitting at a table with two other girls, one was a girl from high school, and the other was a girlfriend of a guy they went to high school with, just happened to recognize him and invited them to sit at the same table. I shook hands with the two girls I didn't know, asked if the seat next to the girlfriend was taken, she said no my boyfriend is sitting here on the other side, he's in the restroom. OK...The boyfriend doesn't come back for the longest time, I'm wondering if he's getting sick or something, the girlfriend says no he's fine, he'll be back, he has to drive me to work by 10pm, she picks up his coat off of the chair and I recognize the jacket as MY BOYFRIENDS coat! He saw me and went out the back door of the bar, he couldn't even come back to the table to get her, he waited to see if I would figure it out, and I did as soon as I saw his jacket in HER hands! Our whole table went crazy, yelling at each other, his other girlfriend thought it was a setup, it wasn't!!! I had NO idea he was seeing someone else. I walked away from the table I just wanted to talk to him, I went outside and called his phone, he basically had no B*LLS to tell me the truth and I had to find out the hard way. He said it was over and he was sorry for hurting me! I cried for months. I missed him so much, I didn't realize how much I loved him until I couldn't have him anymore. I even went to see a psychic, she said he would call me again by a certain date, she also said this other girl was a real piece of work and she would drive him away! It gave me hope...The psychic was right he did call me, he called almost exactly when she said he would be calling and he is not with this other girl anymore,probably because she caught him cheating on her with me. But we are not really a couple either, we are not doing the things we used to do. I care for him so much, I would do anything for him and sadly he knows it. I don't know how to get it back to where we were in the beginning when we first met. I know he's not good for me and he can't be trusted,so why do I LOVE him so much? Why won't my heart let go?


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