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He ripped the carpet out from underneath me

He ripped the carpet out from underneath me.
Me and loser started dating and my family had just moved a thousand miles a way. I wasn't ready to live where my family was yet so I stayed and continued dating loser. He gave me flowers, bought me everything, told me he loved me and wanted to marry me. I got a job offer where my parents were and I declined it to stay. Then he wanted to go to Key West with one of his single friends and two girls and stay in a hotel room. I did not approve- the guy is 39 years old. If you put yourself in that situation, something could happen. He thought I was insane. Then when I pressed the marriage issue- he said he wasn't ready. I was like-What? He wanted to move in together and "see" how it goes. Meanwhile my family is 1000 miles away. I advised him I would not live with anyone without a committment and leave my entire family in another state. He wouldn't budge- which was fine so I took to moving. Luckily, got the job I wanted and now I am with my family. Then-he was helping me with the move- probably out of guilt. and screwed up my entire moving of boxes because he was not there at the designated for pick up. Guys will really show you how they feel about you through their actions. Didn't even get me a going away card? Then got mad at me because I said something about it. Anyway-Live and Learn! This one had to be the biggest liar I ever ran into. We can ask the EX wife too- I am sure her and I would have a pleasant conversation!


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