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Bad egg

I met "Kaleb" at 16.
I loved him alot. We had alot in common, we both couldnt wait to go to college and establish a life. At 19, we were moved outinto our own place. Something was wrong, though. It turns out he was getting into heroin. Being the naive co-dependent i WAS, first i tried to fix him, then when i couldnt, i joined him. That was a long two years of stealing and going in and out of jail.
Finally, we both got clean. I still loved him. But, I cheated on him because I felt like he had ruined my life. We broke up, I had his child and didnt tell him because he was telling mutual friends he didnt care about that subject.
We began seeing eachother after a year of not speaking. Our child was 1.
But he still had selfish, lazy qualities about him. He was still the drug-addict Kaleb, only there was no drugs in him.
I met someone else and ended it. This someone else cheated on me, Kaleb acted like he cared, but he hunted her down and now they are living together.
Im now 25 yrs old. And i learned my lesson.
THE END. p.s. i still have to deal with this creep because of our child. but does he pay support? HA! Yeah right, he's too busy spending his money on liquor.


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