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Sequel to "I will Never Trust Another Man Again." (Page 15)

Sequel to "I will Never Trust Another Man Again." (Page 15)

After I saw him while picking my friend up in January, I didn't see him again for another four months. During that time, he moved the ugly girlfriend and her son into his apartment. She immediately took complete control of his life. Who he talked to, what he did, his money. Around April he started coming back into the bar again with her. The first time it happened, it felt like the night I found out all over again. I wanted to fall on the floor and sob. I felt sick, I was shaking. I refused to serve them and had the girl I was working with take their table. I couldn't believe that he was hurting me again. I had asked him to stay away and after the hell I had already been through here he was rubbing it right in my face. She was loving every minute of it. Hanging all over him and putting on a big show for my benefit. It was more than obvious that she was jealous of me. I tried to act like I didn't notice, but inside I was dying. I never talked to him and never looked him in the eye. He kept watching me all the time and she was obviously pissed about it. It was so uncomfortable for me. Here was the man I loved. The man I thought I was going to have a life with, sitting in my bar with the woman he dumped me for and acting like I was nobody and nothing ever happened. They came in a couple more times after that and then at the end of May he came in one night with his best friend without her. I tried to ignore him, but he spent the whole night staring at me. At closing time, when everyone was almost gone, he walked up to the bar, grabbed my hand and pulled me out in the back hallway and started kissing me. It took my breath away. It felt so good to hold him again, to touch him, to be with him. I would have let him take me right there in the hallway if there weren't still other people around. We ended up at my truck in the parking lot, kissing and holding each other. The ugly girlfriend was blowing up his phone like crazy. He was lying to her about being on his way home and where he was. He was telling me how much he missed me, how he had been thinking of me and how bad he wanted me. I got him talking because I wanted some answers. I told him everything. How he had broken my heart. How much pain I was in. How I had risked my life and my kids to be with him when he was lying to me. I asked him point blank if he loved her and he looked me right in the eye and said "no." I asked him if he was breaking up with her and he said "eventually." I was so relieved. I had hoped that this would blow over and that we could work things out. Things got really hot between us and his phone kept ringing, but I couldn't let go of him. I wanted him so much. It wasn't sex I was looking for. I just wanted to be close to him and I wanted things to be like they used to be. I still love him. I knew it was getting late and that I should leave, but I didn't want to leave him. About 4 in the morning, she pulled up on us in the parking lot. She jumped out of her car and started yelling at him calling him a liar. He got out of my truck, argued with her, and then got in her car. I just sat there stunned. I wasn't afraid to fight with her and I figured that was where it was going. She came over to my window and asked if anything had happened. I said "no, we were just talking." I don't know why I lied to protect him. They left still arguing. I sat in the truck for about 15 minutes in such shock that he had left me again I barely made it home. I was scared to death that she was going to track down my husband and tell him that she had caught us. I called him and left several messages telling him how scared I was and that I needed to know what was going on. He never called back. I heard from him about 3 weeks later. By that time, my feelings had cooled and I realized that he had lied to me once again. Everything started up again. The heartbreak, the crying, the pain. Only worse. I hung up on him. When I came to work a couple of weeks later, one of my friends told me very seriously that she had to talk to me and took me into the bathroom. She told me that on her shift the night before that he had been in with the ugly girlfriend and her son and that they had made a big announcement in front of everyone that she was pregnant with his child. I literally collapsed on the floor and sobbed. I was crying, my friend was crying because she felt so bad for me. I threw up, told my boss I was sick and went home. That was in June. They keep coming in together every so often. Just enough to let me start feeling a little better and then they show up again. Since then, he has bought a house in the neighborhood across from the bar and moved her and her son in. The baby is due in February. It hurts so much seeing her with the life that I wanted and thought that he wanted with me. She got it all. I got nothing. She made sure of that. She is a scheming, conniving bitch and she trapped him. If the timing is right, I think she did it right after she caught us together. I hope that someday she gets what she deserves. Anyone who would bring an innocent child into the world for the sole purpose of trapping a man that she knows doesn't really want her is sick. But now she has a hold on him for the rest of his life. After she became pregnant, I think the reality of what he had done has finally set in. I think he's scared, unhappy and in a situation he isn't equipped to deal with. Most of my friends say he is getting his, but I think it's just sad. I wonder all the time about how he really feels about me and if he has any regrets. To the day I die, I will never understand what he sees in her that was better than me. They still come in every now and again. She is showing and makes it a big point to parade in front of me every time they come in. They both watch me and stare at me and I wonder why. If they are in love and happy why would either one of them pay me any attention. I understand from his friends that he has no intention of marrying her. I am so confused. I try to keep my head up and act like it doesn't bother me, but I want to die. My husband never found out anything and I am still in the house. I have been severely depressed the past year and I cry all the time. Not once has my husband ever asked me what was wrong or even really noticed that I was struggling. I thought about leaving anyway, but I just don't have the strength. I have nowhere to go and I feel that staying is the best thing for my kids. Even if I did leave my husband, I could never try to date anyone because of what I've been through. Things got so bad for me that I finally started seeing a counselor a couple of months ago to deal with what he did to me, but it's really not helping. She keeps saying give it time, but it's been a year. Some days I hate him and other days I miss him and I still love him even though I know I shouldn't. I wish that I had never trusted him in the first place.


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