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A Year of Lying

I dated my boyfriend for many months before we decided to move in together. I in fact moved 1000 miles from my home to be with him. We agreed to give it our best shot, but to also communicate a lot in case things didn't work out. If we found they couldn't work, we agreed to part as friends.

Six months into living together, he went on a business trip with an old female friend, and they slept together. He decided not to tell me. When he returned, he kept emailing her, living with me, and enjoying both of us while he decided who he should really keep. Over the holidays I went with him to be with his family, not seeing my own. Then he stayed there for a few days extra time (I had to go back to work) and had his 'other girlfriend' there hanging out with his friends.

I only discovered about this relationship a month later when I saw some email messages on his computer. When I confronted him, it turned out he'd pretty much decided to go with her - but wasn't going to bother to tell me for another six months. He figured he could keep living with me (sleeping with me, getting me to cook and clean etc) and then just tell me he'd decided to move to another town to take a job - and would just 'happen' to hook up with her there.

Never mind that I could have moved back to my home and family six months ago, now he was going to waste ANOTHER six months of my life, using me for sex and chores, while he actually put his love and affection elsewhere. The only person he was protecting by lying was himself - he didn't feel like taking any responsibility for his actions and dealing with the consequences! And if other peoples' lives were screwed up royally to please him, he didn't care.


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