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We became official, it was December. I had to go overseas

My boyfriend now used to have a a girlfriend of 4 years before me. They got together when they were around 16 i think? They got up to everything, and did many things for the first time with each other, and went to many places together, and chose places in which the call their own. Around the 3rd year of their relationship, she cheated on him with somebody who he thought was his friend. So to him he was betrayed by someone who he thought was his friend, and by his girlfriend. His so called friend used him to get close to his girlfriend. Poor guy found out about the affair because he saw them together holding hands. So he was devastated, broke up with her - but got back together the next day, he had forgiven her. My boyfriend was sleeping with her one day, it was during the morning and her phone rang, i donít think she was awake so he picked it up.. and it happened to be that guy. My boyfriend broke up with her.

She went with the other guy, and they became official but my boyfriend and her continued to see each other behind his back. My boyfriend and her ended up breaking up but they were still friends.. i think he still liked her thou. Then one day at a train station, it was late. She told my boyfriend to be with her.. he shouldnít have went.. it was bad timing - because there were thieves, and they stole her bag.. as a boy would, he tried to get her bag back, they were on the train tracks.. there were about 3 guys and only one of him. The tracks contain those big rocks.. one of the thieves got a big rock and smashed it on his head, his head got cut open.. they ran away.. police and ambulance was called.. and he was brought to hospital.

Her bag wasnít retrieved at the incident, but was later found at the thieves house.. it contained her school books and some food. He nearly died because of that. Since that his parents hated people of her race, which is in fact the same race as mine. He had to go counseling, he was hurt mentally and physically, and he had to return to lower education. That's where we met each other. I received low scores on my final highschool year exams so i was unable to go into university.

He told me his stories. We fought now and then over silly things, and i realized i liked him. During that year, near the beginning i would find him calling her, talking to her.. and to me i felt like she was just leading him on all the way - since she was still with that other guy. I cared about him and i didnít want to see him like that.. So i was the one who asked him out in the end.. and he told me he had liked me too. Our little fights werenít meaningless. We became official, it was December. i had to go overseas.

When i got back i found out she called him over to go to his house at night.. he told me they talked for about 2 hours. It upset me that he went over, but i guess i trusted him since he told me. i had been hurt before him by my ex boyfriend, he was a liar. My boyfriend told me she was telling him about how she may be losing feelings for her boyfriend [the one who she cheated with on him].. he told her that him and i were happy.. and she said she was happy that he had found somebody.. but i guess she was probably being fake. Since that day [somewhere in January] they didnít talk again.

Her and her boyfriend broke up a few months later.. same time she popped back into my boyfriends life.. It was online, so i added her to my msn, maybe to get to know her better.. and yeah she was nice.. but she abused the trust. It's obvious when somebody wants something, my boyfriend could see it too. My boyfriend and i love each other.. and he made it clear to her where she stands and where i stand.. she knew i was his girlfriend. She had found reasons to talk to him again for her to go over his house, and for her to have reasons to go over his.. bringing up things of their past.. asking to borrow stuff that relates to their past.. it was obvious that she was lonely. And she wanted him back. But he told her.. and she accepted it. I think now she is not part of either our lives.. i do feel sorry for her, but she brought up a lot of hurt.

Why do ex-girlfriends come back when the guy finds somebody new? She let go of something special and abused the trust, and now she cant have it back because it belongs to someone else. Some girls want what they cant have.. If they do get it back they just add it to their ego boost, hurt people all over again.. and dump the guy.


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