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He told me he still loves me, and now I'm just as nice as I can be

You see, I tried out for a play in 6th grade, tryout were the first day of school (rather frightening.) anyway, the held us all in the main auditorium, and I was there with "john"(name changed, duh.) and well, John really liked me as he had made clear, but i just wanted a friend, so played the ignorant card. It works for me, i look adorable like a 2 year old. Anyway, across the room, i saw this sort of round boy just, well just stairing at me.

I soon found out that he was in some of my classes. Ironically enough even with assigned seating we ended up next to eachother in most classes. I found out he had a wicked sense of humor and his name was "Zak". Well Zak and I got real close, and we were both in plays together. John was in them too, and eventually John was hitting on me. By the end of the play he was all out molesting me, so Zak saved me. it was nice, i mean he was my friend right.

7th grade, Zak and i had no classes adn it was distant, but i was in another play, and he came and saw me both nights! Skipping to 8th grade, we were the "Drama king, and Drama Queen" as titled, because we had won the female and male acting awards, appointed by our classmates. Then, we won the Choir one as well! it was amazing, and he soon got the lead of the play and i had a solo (there were no female parts) and low and behold he asked me out! i was amazed. it was sudden, and according to everyone else he had liked me since he saw in 6th grade! shocked as i was, i didnt want to go out with him. In the end, he asked me infront of everyone, and succoming to peer pressure, i said yes.

after two weeks of more than too much hugging and kissing, i really couldnt take it. the thought of my old friend was disgusting, and i hated him. So i took him a side, and said
"this cant work, Its too hard. Im going through a tough time with my family. Also, I just felt better with you as a friend." he noded his head, and after about. . . 10 minutes i left. He left me alone for a week,a then it started.

"Why am I not good enough?"
Which became:
"Why dont you love me?"
which soon became:
"Im the only one who'll ever love you."

I got so sick of it, i desided to change. He always loved my long hair which was a little bit down my back, so I choped it off to about chin length.

As i was walking it was a week before school ended, this boy i had seen around before but never even talked to or said hi to said,
"did you get a hair cut?"

Im like, "ya."

"looks great. *smile* " and he left. Low and behold we got sn's talked for a month and started going out. but zak found out. He threated to hurt my new boyfriend, and he started calling me "his" and even began to say and speak as if i was a possesion of his. My boyfriend was furious, and told him to stop hurting me. my boyfriend moved 4 months after. and we tried the long distance thing, but could bear it, now we are just friends. but zaks not gone. he still yells at me, and treats me horribly, unless someones around. then he jsut ignores me.

HE told me he still loves me, and now im jsut as nice as i can be, and ignor what he says, that seems to work the best.


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