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She was off kissing some guy in the bushes!

On halloween, 2 years ago.... my girlfriend didnt want me around her tat night for some reason, so she was really pissed wit me! Anyway tat nite everything was goin grand until she disappeared for a little while, i was wondering where she went and asked one of her friends who didnt wanna say... eventually she did and told me she was off kissing some guy in the bushes! Then she came back all happy and pretended nothin was wrong! I forgave her(stupidly) and later tat nite she pretended to hav a fight wit her friend and so i ran after her friend, but it was all planned.... she told me my girlfrind wanted to break up wit me!!! So we did, without even tlkin i went home and later tat nite i got a phone call from my ex telling me she ws goin out wit tat guy and said it was my fault for turnin up!!!! Bitch!!!!!!


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