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We had been together for three years and have a beatiful baby now 8 months

We had been together for three years and have a beatiful baby now 8 months, I dont know I mean hes a great guy and a wonderful father but I still wasnt happy He would be there at home with me all the time and help out with the baby but I think we were both just silently living unhappy, I like to have deep conversations and see different places and things, he doesnt, the most of an answer i can get out of him is "for real" or "yeah i understand" We are both in our early twenties and are still very yopung he wants me to be a housewife and i tried my best that I could but it was just too much one dayi woke up and realized time is passing by and what are you doing with it, sitting in the house watching life pasws you by? is the question i asked myself, I dont feel as though just because i am the woman i should have to rush home cook, clean and take care of the baby while you sit on the coucha nd watch tv i mean i am a youg peson too w/ dreams and aspirations that are very important to me and im not ready to stop living just to be in a relationship, we women sacrifice so much to be who men want us to be we cook we clean we take care of the kids i mean where does it end they continue to go out and have fun and we iron there clothes for them to go out but when its our urn to go somewhere my goodness theyll say anything to keep you in, We would have endless fights about me being bored and tired of sitting in the house and he would swear we would get out and do things but the weekend would come and go w/ me inside. I work all week and on weekend i would like us to go out togeteher or anything it doesnt have to be anything vivacious or extravagant just a walk in the park w/ the baby or lets go to the mall aything still nothing finally i made the decision im not going to sit on the sidelines and watch my life pass by going through the motions of living day to day i want to feel life see it touch it i guess you get the point i want to have long meaingful conversations that really make me think, i dont know im just not willing to sacrifice my happiness anymore to make him happy so theres my story the moral is dont supress who you are to fit someone elses image of who they want you to be be true to ones self and you can nevre go wrong really how can i make a happy life for my child if im not happy mysel so in the end i chose my happiness over his holla!!!!


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