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My boyfriend's ex-wife needs mental help and lots of it. They were a year divorced when we started dating and in the 9 months that him and I have been going out she has claimed that she is pregnant with his child (even though her tubes are tied), has filed a restraining order on him (she lost in court when she swore under oath to tell the truth and nothing but the truth as what she wrote in her little police report was nothing but lies, the judge advised her that he was going to turn the case around and press charges against her for falsification), phone harassment (I have blocked out so many of her phone numbers....she calls from her work, her fax machine, her parents, payphones and her cell phone but she keeps getting her cell number changed so she can get thru).

I finally went to the police department and filed a harassment suit against her and the prosecuting attorney is handling it now. Needless to say the calls pretty much stopped to my house. She still thinks that they can be friends after all that she has done to him and calls him at work but his company finally stepped in and are going to file phone harassment charges against her too.

They have NO kids together thank god but she has 2 from a previous marriage and has gone to the extreme of calling him and claiming that one of them has been rushed to the hospital and she needs him there. Being the nice person that he is and a stepfather to them for over 6 years he headed to the hospital and she met him there but had made up the entire story. Nothing had happened to her kids. I hope that she rots in hell and can't wait for the opportunity to amke her life the living hell that she has made ours.


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