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My best friend said that I should let it go

My Ex boyfriend and I where together for a while almost the
whole summer last year. The day that we broke up we went back out because we still liked eachother but we just got into a argument. we went out at alot. Ever sence the summer that i was with him i felt good. We got along good and we had the same type in frinds only we are two years apart from eachother iam older then him. Well the summer that has
recentley passed i was with him just hanging out. we live in the same neighboorhood so we would always run into eachother. When we broke up for the final time i was ok with it. now everytime that i see him i just cannot stop and say to myself why did you break up with him. Now everytime that i try to make a realtionshjip work out i cant because i was thinking about my ex how much i miss being with him. my best friend said that i should let it go i try to. We both have had boyfriends and girlfriends in the past sence we have been broken up. I know he still has some feelings for me but he never can confess. well chris is a nice boy and makes me laugh but i just dont know what to do about this problem


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