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She Cheats and Lies

Our first date was prom, she was from a poor family, and I was well off. She cheated a month in after She knew that I had broken things off with my Ex a month before her because she cheated too. We dated for 3 years. She picked out a wedding ring my sophmore year in college. I worked 40 hours a week and still stayed in school to pay it off.

Two weeks before Acupulco where I was going to propose I introduced her to one of my old Highschool friends. She imediatly started running off and not telling me anything. I paid for 6 trips all over the world, her car, her tuition for college, all around $25,000 over three years. I loved her like a wife. All this money comming from a full time college students part time job.

Anyway i made sure she didnt go without, and two weeks before the trip she said she wanted a break, and that we would be back together soon. I went into deep depression, she said she would still go on the trip to work things out and see if we could make it work. 4 days before the trip I came over to suprise her on our anniversary and she had another man in our bed. I took her back when she cheated on me, because partly i was nuts from having my other Ex do it , i thought why not give one of them a second chance. I was perfect on the trip, I proposed to her and she said no, she wore the ring a whole day and said no. I came home only to hear of more of her lies. She said they were only friends, and now She came over today to tell me she misses me, but she had a huge hickey on her neck.


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