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The Young and the Restless

OMG...the oyung and the restless..haha so true..it all started when me and my boyfriend WERE a happy couple...hah RIGHT! he said all this crap bou us finally meeting one day...and how much he loved me...nd i actually got to hear it from him since we talkd on the fone almost everynight for like two months....well like...i found out that he was lying to me and stuff and ia sked him y he didnt tell me all this stuff...he told me that he didnt want to stress me out...so i asked him if it was going to stress me out even more whn i ofund out form a dude who hacked his comp...then like i asked him and such..i told him i was mad but not to the point of spliting up...so everything is settled there right??? WRONG...the next nite we talked on the phone he just had to bring it up..then it led on with him saying i didnt have my priorities straight...and that i maybe needed to take a break from everything to deal with my friends, since i thought i could talk to him about netihng i needed to talk about...i guess he just got tired of hearing about my problems. So then i was like..."kuya all i need is you here for me" and then he said"buu i know that but, i want u to think this over" okay okay so i was like...'how bout we go on a 1month break then tell each other how we feel at the end?"...he said "okay". So after that I just clicked off the phone and cried my eyes out for about..well till like 7am. I was just torn apart...i totaly let myself go..by not lokoing at what i wear....doing my hair...bathing! it was badddd and im only 13*eye roll*. so like....i havent talked to him for about 16days or so..and i was actually starting to get over him. But once again..he had to come back into mylife..he im'ed me and just started small talk as if everything was still the same. NOT!...it was just extremely stupid!! since it hurted me soo much...
Okay so like the next time we talk...is the one month mark of our "break"...i told him about me waking up in the middle of the night and he was all like"im sorry" puh-lease!...so i asked him if he knew what today was he said" i dunno" so that was the time where my depression went to anger. I was REALLY mad and wanted to just ugh!...so i just kinda ignored him that day....next time i talked to him....i asked him if he liked any other girl..he said yeah...actually i do. I was soo mad! ugh! grr...but uhmm neways...like...a few weeks later after unblocking him i talked to him once again...horrible..absolutly horrible...i couldnt keep myself together...and once agin i was just filled with depression and anger...nothing vould hold me back form cursing him out...surprisingly i dind't. Now he has a new girlfriend, and i just dont know how to go about this...like i wanna be nice..i really do and i wanna be happy...but its hard yall know?? but uhmm...so ive gone the mile this week and accepted that my ex doesn't want me nemore...instead he's saying the same things he said to me to another girl..which hurts...well thats my story for now...thnks for reading my typos and horrible grammer~~


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