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After I got the bills paid up I still have my house and got some feel good presents for myself

So about 4 years ago I had been dating this chick for about 7 or 8 years. For security reasons we will call her Carrie. Our relationship had been in the sh***er for a while anyway so I guess it should have been no surprise.

I was out of town visiting with my grandmother for the weekend and everything was fine. I got back home and her, her kids and most of her s**t was gone. The house was trashed, not like busted up just looked like they left in a hurry. And I had a huge pile of bills on the counter along with the checkbook.

Guess what? The check book was empty and most of the bills had not been paid in about 3 months. The house was in foreclosure. I spent the next year eating mac and cheese, romane noodles to get all of the bills caught up.

Turns out that she had hooked up with some guy from the internet and to the best of my knowledge they are still living happily ever after.

But thatís all in good. After I got the bills paid up I still have my house and got myself some feel good presents for myself. Like new furniture, a big screen TV and stuff like that.


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