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Not one to make a scene, I went back to our friend's house and cried my eyes out for 2 days

I was with this gut wh was really attractive and I thought way out of my league. But we started seeing each other and after a while he dumped me but we remained friends. In fact we were like best friends. Yeah right..we got back together after like 2 weeks of the friendship thing (and may I add, he was the one wanted to go back, I was happy enough to be friends with 'benefits' but he couldn't have that) everything was great, I having been treated badly in the past, opened up to him, trusted him etc. We went out to a club one night and nothing was wrong, our relationship was great until I went looking for him at the end of the night and he was kissing another girl. Not one to make a scene, I went back to our friend's house and cried my eyes out for 2 days. He resurfaced and when I tried to talk to him, was told there was nothing to say. He had turned into a bastard overnight. Things got soo much worse after that. I could avoid him cos we all hang out in the same group and he then started seeing other girls in front of me and then started ignoring me for no reason. What the hell did I do for him to be like this? He never even officially ended it!! A few months passed and we became close again but I knew I would never forgive him and I still cry when I think of it but he moved to another country and I felt so free. It was like realising how I finally felt about him and I told him so one night and for the first time since I met him, I am sooooo happy!!


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