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I really felt bad & I felt like my heart had been stabbed by a knife a thousand times

i am presently working abroad & met this foreign guy few months ago.i am in a relationship for almost 5 yrs. now. this guy ive met have just broken up from his 9 yr. live in partner. it was the friend of mine that happen to be his officemate that introduced us to each other. our first meeting is really fun & that he told me immediately he enjoyed my company & maybe we could see each other & hang out together again. and so we go out together more often. and that as days passes by it becomes better & better. we both cant wait to see each other again even if we just parted ways hours ago. then after a few weeks of dating (if that was what you call it) he told me he was attracted to me from the day he first met me & that he thinks he's beginning to fall for me and i told him i felt the same way too. i really do feel that way also. so i thought everything was going okay between the two of us. havent told him about my boyfriend. but i broke up w/ my boyfriend already coz i dont want to cheat on him and that i told him i met someone else & that im beginning to love the guy. he got mad at me but cant do anything anyway. so we continue seeing each other & hang out together. until one day everthing has changed. the way he sends me sms, the way he talks over the phone & even when were together. he became totally different. so i asked him if theres something we need to talk. and so we talked. he told he doesnt know how to tell it to me w/o me getting hurt. he told me what he felt before was really true & that i have to belive him on that. but he doesnt know what came to his mind, part of his mind was telling him to give me up & the other was telling him to keep me. he told me really likes me & enjoys my company a lot, but he thinks hes not yet ready again for a tied up relationship. he was just beginning to have his freedom back again. i really felt bad & i felt like my heart has been stubbed by a knife thousand times. i feel so stupid for ever believing in him. he told me to just give him time to think things over. i still want him, i still care for him. but im afraid that what if when he comes back it was no longer me he wanted. i have to move on.go on w/ my life. i know ill be able to forget him. but he will always remain in my heart where ever i will be. he was one of the wonderful things that happend to my life.


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