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I Cheated on Both Guys

Oh god, I don't know where to start..

I had a boyrfiend, for a year, I met a guy online, we got talking, then we started texting and talking on the phone. By this time it was already over with my boyfriend, but we were still friends. The "new guy" and me went on a weekend away together, it was all so perfect. I got back, not even a WEEK later I stupidly managed to sleep with my ex. (how DUMB can a person be) We were not REALLY together after that, I never slept with him afterwards anymore, yet we saw eachother and we wanted to fix things, yet, there was also they "new guy". My heart screamed out for him, yet my head said "no, try to fix things with your ex".

A struggle between my head and my heart. I had myself tangled up in a web of lies, the longer it lasted, the more difficult it became to untangle myself. I went on a vacation with the "new guy", on that vacation I broke up with him again. we got back together, broke up again, got back together etc. But there was still my ex who was so determined on fixing things.

Then, one say, the "new guy" found out about my ex. Then ofcourse, my ex found out about the "new guy", (he did know about him, but not that we were still speaking and loving eachother) Now, everything has fallen apart, I dont know what to do. I WANT the new guy, I have no desire whatsoever to be in a relasionship with my ex. But, the "new guy" will not believe me.. and I cannot blame him. If I put myself in his shoes, I would've left him too, most likely. But the thing is, things were always so perfect, we have such a strong connection, and I let it all fall apart. I hate myself so much for it that I don't see a point in living anymore. I just want him back :'(


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