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So she started cryin as usual like a cranky baby

M already engaged to my guy.He had a friend whom he was very close to 2 years back,but they never actually went around,coz she was a divorcee.But dey had feelings 4 each other.N den suddenly her husband accepted her again..n my fiance n his friend lost contacts.But she was always in contacts wid his best friends.N den when she came to know about me from one of my fiance's friend,she started callin him daily.1st i was ok wid it,coz they were just friends.Infact even i tried to b a friend of hers.She was not happy wid her husband,coz he used to hit her,n he also had an extra-marital affair.So she used to call my fiance n keep on cryin in front of him.She used to constantly keep on sayin dat no-one loves me,No-one cares for me.N my fiance used to feel bad 4 her all da time.Den one day i told my fiance dat i dont like it when she calls him n cries in front of him.Dat day v had a big fight,but den he promised me dat he will never talk to her.But den after a month she had her exams so my fiance messaged her wishin luck.N she tried callin him da next day.So dis time i messaged her myself dat she should stay away from my fiance.So she started cryin as usual like a cranky baby,n she was tellin me dat i should trust my fiance n stuff like dat.Den da next day v again had a fight.Dat time she was like,u've got so much of attitude in u.I pity ur fiance n stuff.So i just messaged her to get lost from my fiance's life.N from dat day she has never contacted my fiance again.N my fiance also took my swear dat he will never to talk to her in his whole life


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