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We began to argue and then we both began to cry

I had been dating this guy for almost three months and i had started to develop real feelings for him. We hung out almost everyday. I had met all of his friends, parents, and siblings. We were perfect for eachother. Well i had got this phone call from some unknown number, well i answered and said hello and some girl was like are you J*****? and i was like yeah who is this and she said this is T*****'s girlfriend and i was like there is no way you can be because I am!!! We began to argue and then we both began to cry. We had both been dating the same guy and were in love with the same guy. We'll me being the top of girl I am I was done with him, there was no chance of getting me back. That same night I spoke with him and he acted as though he was so sorry and was so upset. I was done! But the next day he had called her and told her he was so upset the same story he had told me. Well me and him never talked again until a week later where i saw him at his best friends house. Me and his best friend are together and he is T***** is still with her and has another girlfriend on the side...


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