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Dogs will Remain Dogs

I had been dating my boyfriend for eight months, and he was "The One", or so I thought. We had been through so much together, and he was my first, for almost everything.

One Friday night we decided to go to a party with two of my girlfriends. My girlfriends and I decided to have a couple of drinks, and my boyfriend wasn't going to have any because he would be our desginated driver. One thing led to another and my friends and I got into the hot tub that was at the party. We were all fooling around, and I was talking to some other people who were there and as I turned my head to see where my boyfriend had went I saw him in the hot tub making out with my best friend!!! There were laying there in the corner, kissing, and he was on her humping her!!

In the midst of all this drama, my boyfriend saw that I was geting out of the hot tub, so being the great boyfriend that he is, he follows me out and I'm sobbing histerically. "She fell and I caught her" was his first excuse, as I am screaming at him telling him to leave me alone. "I would never do anything to hurt you," is what he kept repeating to me through the door that I slammed in his face.

For the next five days he lied to me telling me that she had kissed him once and nothing happened, he was trying to make me think i had imangined it all! And of course I believed him!! But later that week I talked to the girl and she had a different story to tell, which was the truth, and it was different than his, so i knew that his was the liar. To this day he tells me to give him another chance and he'll never hurt be again, but I'm smarter not to believe a man who lied to me in the first place! Dogs will remain dogs.


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