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He went as far as asking me to decide if i wanted to marry

me and my boyfriend of 3 years broke up recently but this isnt the first time he has done it its the 5th . the first two times we only lasted a night then two imes we lasted a week and then the last time a month but he always came back saying we had made a mistake and he loved me and would never do it again and that he wanted me. we usually break up when he is having a tough time and when we get back togther he pores his heart out to me tel me im the only thing that makes him happy but as soon there is a bump he runs away again. so after a month he came back he had been to a councler and new he had to talk to me now and this time he went as far as asking me to decide if i wanted to marry im {im only 18} and that i was his soul mate and he wanted to work it out and and then he had a big week at work and was tiard and distant and then i asked if it was just work or was something else bothering him and i told him that i just wasnt feeling the same from him and he freaked told me i didnt love him was only with him for the comfort and ran again so as much as i love him he has hurt me one too many times


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