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my ex still rings but i told him i have moved on and im happier than ever!!

me and my boyfriend had been together for a year he was my best friends older brother,we went through hell to get where we were.me and my bestfriend didnt talk anymore and that is my biggest regret.He was my first real boyfriend and i fell for him pretty badly.then i made the huge mistake of introdusing him to my closest friend.my boyfriend hated her he thought she was cheap.i told him he had to make the effort with her cuz she was a really nice girl.she was the one who i would talk to when i was arguing with him.she started to get on with him really welland i found out that she had been a t a party and was up set called him and slept his house!!!!i was mortified we fell out for a while but finally made up.they continued to hang out but it became more often.they would have secrets and private jokes.what i hated the most was she was so much like me looks and personality.we broke up as i heard he had been sleeping with another girl,a pretty girl with dark hair.i didnt talk to either of them for along time as i made up with my bestfriend.one night i was at my friends house after a party and my ex broke down he had been sleepin with my friend he cryed he begged but that was it the trust had gone...for good.i hate him for what he did and i hate her even more.the worst part about it was the night he had slept with her his fine best friend ried it on and i sed no cuz it woulnt be fair on my ex....!!!!guttedbut iv bein seein his now ex best frien for 7 monts and i am head over heals in love and lets say what gos around comes around!!!!my ex still rings but i told him i have moved on and im happier than ever!!


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