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I wanted to suprise her for her 18th b-day

Well I was with my ex for two years. I was really in love with her. I lived in PA. and her in NC.. that was a problem. BUT we were working on it sometimes I drive 10 hrs straight to see her. Then one day I was at her house waiting on her front steps. Her mom ivitied me in to wait on her 1hr turned into 5hrs. and I waited and waited. Her mom then said I am sorry I dont know where she is. I know its her birthday and she dont know I am here and I wanted to suprise her for her 18th b-day. Her mom I am sorry she must be out. you need to go..I am sorry its late. I left and was going down the road in my car and called her cell..
I said where are you at? She yells in the phone I am having fun with my girls! and you are not even down here for my 18th party and I am sick of your sh*t. The whole TIME i hear girls yelling break up with him. So I say her name softly and I was about to tell her I am here where are u I love u baby I want to suprise u! but before I could she yells " its over asshole". and hangs up.
I cryed for that girl I had to pull over I was in so much shock I was about to wreck my car. I was shaking so bad..I Wanted it all to be a dream....I didnt know where she was I was lost and scared and in love with her..and she left me.....Next day I was in a motel in the area and called and she cussed me again and before I say it hangs up. I called again to yell in the phone Iam in NC! but her father jerks the phone and says I will call the cops of you you *****er. I was shocked I said but sir and he said leave us alone.
That was all two years ago...I was 18 and she just turned 18. Now I have the love of my life and Our year ANV was a few days ago and I AM IN MORE LOVE THEN EVER AND SHE TREATS ME LIKE SOMEBODY UN LIKE my Ex.
By the way I live in NC now dating my gf. And my ex called me all jelouse and tells me you didnt move or come down here for me..Thats when I told her the story of her 18th birthday and said by the way Happy late birthday sorry You wouldnt let me come over. Dont call again.


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