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Why is it that its always us good guys that get treated like crap?

I dated my exgirlfriend for 1 1/2 years. When we first got together she had a full time job. Well not long after we got together, she lost her job, so I was supporting her and doing all I could for her with my limited budget. I went out with my friends on my 21st birthday and she was gonna go out with one of her girl friends to a club. She cheated on me the night of my birthday. we talked it out and everything was great, and about a month later I moved in with her and her dad. Living with her was great, untill I realized her dad was bad into drugs and he even stole some speakers I had and traded them for drugs. I was even buying groceries and helping her dad with the bills, I stayed broke, I went without so she wouldnt have to. I still stayed there because I thought she needed me, she said she did more than ever. Well it turns out that I find out she had cheated on me 4 times during our relationship. She said she loved me and wanted to marry me and for the longest time I thought she was "the one" It killed me when we broke up, yea, she cheated and lied to me, but I did love her. I dont wanna brag on myself or anything, but I was a damn good boyfriend to her, I gave her all she wanted and needed. Why is it that its always us good guys that get treated like crap?


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