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never leave the one that loves you for the one you like

HE was a compleat sweetie, his name was F* He was all a girl could wish for, he treated me like a queen...to bad i nevere saw that untill now a year and a month after we broke up. All this guy could see was nothing more than me in his eyes, he was in love with me he'd take a bilit from me and he wouldn't go five minutes without calling just to tell me that he loved me. I never saw that though...I always took him for graned, I cheated and lied so many times, but with tears in his eyes he always told me that he didn't care and that it was ok, that nothing would change the love he fealt for me and that he still loved me. Time passed and another guy cought my eye and just for his looks i left F*, Even though I told him it was over he'd still call and act as if nothing was wrong and tat we were still together. Time made him understand that i had moved on to another guy for his looks adn what's weird is that before he compleatly leftmy life F* warned me that I wouldn't be happy and that no one would loveme like he did, And with that he was up and left. So a couple of weeks later I began dating the other "good looks guy" and turns out he was more than good looks he was my soul mate we had so much in common...he ended up fallin compleatly in love with me wich wasn't good at all... cuz now there's a constant reminder of f* in the back of my mind that even though i'm happy with this new guy F*'s constant smile in my mind doesn't let me be happy. So now i've left the "good looks guy" and F* I not only hurt two guys but I hurt myself too. So here's my advice to you...BE HONEST! and never leave the one that loves you for the one you like, for the one you like will leave you for the one they love.


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