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I was a stripper

I was a stripper. My ex boyfriend and I were together for 6 months. The first week into our relationship, I got a call from his ex girlfriend, telling me that she was still sleeping with him, that they were together "last night". I asked him about her, and he was honest with me, yet I had to find out from her first. (lord knows whether or not he would've told me on his own.) So I figured, well, he was honest with me, and u don't find many honest people any more these days. So I forgave, but I didn't forget. 2 months into our relationship, I was sent to detox, which can be a very scary and lonely place. I called him up, told him where I was, and he seemed very supportive, he told me that he was going to come and visit me to make me feel better. He said, "baby, I'm on my way, I'm just ordering a pizza, and I'll head right over." 4 hours later, I call him up, knowing that he is only one hour away. He doesn't answer his phone. I call him again and said angrily, "WHERE ARE YOU!!!" I spent an hour getting ready and making myself look nice FOR HIM. I bragged to everybody that my boyfriend was coming, and how excited I was. He said, "oh sh*t. Sorry, I went to the bar and started drinking, I'm too drunk to come see you." I even stupidly let that bull crap slide. 4 more months later, he had helped me get a job at a strip club, only to find out that he was stealing money from me. That was the last straw. I called him one night and said, "I'm done with you and your crap. I don't ever want you calling me, or speaking to me again. And oh yeah, because you have left me in the dark so many times about so many different things, I feel that it is my turn to leave you in the dark about something. I took a pregnancy test, I know the results, and I'm not telling you what they are. Now, I know you think I might be screwin with you, but keep this in the back of your head, what if I'm not!" The man came to my work place 9 months later, that was enough payback for me, kept him all worrying for NINE MONTHS!!!!!!!


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