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never settle for second best when the best is out there waiting for you!

I've often said I'd rather be hit with a fist than beat up with words. The physical pain will go away, but the emotional scars from verbal/mental abuse lasts a lifetime. I was with my ex-husband for almost 13 years. We were together for 10 before we were married (should have been my first clue). Over the years, he was verbally and mentally abusive to me. I was called every name imaginable..and I think he even created a few new ones from time to time. He told me once that he got sick of hearing "I love you"..I never said it again and I left him 6 months later. That simple statement killed whatever it was that I had left in my heart for him, and a whole lot of what I had in my heart for me! Never again will I ever allow another person to abuse me the way he did. He never hit me with his fists, but I have many scars from the words he would use. Ladies, always know you deserve more and better than to be abused in any way. It took me a long time to figure that out and an even longer time to trust my fiance! My fiance is a wonderful man and is my rock when I need strength! Never give up hope and never settle for second best when the best is out there waiting for you!


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