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She punched me in the face twice, I flicked a cigaratte at her in response, and then walked out.

Before I moved from NY to Colorado because, my ex. called me and asked if we could be friends "with benefits" but that she didn't want to rush things too quickly. I agreed. After arriving to Colorado she began to stop by EVERY day, called EVERY day, and became extremely upset that another woman called my cell. For two weeks we got along very well, I assured her that although we were friends, i wasn't looking to "hook-up" with anyone else because I wanted to focus on other things in my life at the moment. One night she invited me over home for dinner and 20 minutes later blurted out "we're moving too quickly, I don't want this." I agreed that it was moving a little too quickly and then suggested that if she felt that way then she shouldn't stop over as much. Mind you, for two weeks I stopped over her home once.

The very next night she invited me out with her sister and sister's boyfriend. Thinking this was a way to reconcile I went out with them. From the moment I arrived at her apartment she avoided any attempt to make communication. When she sister arrived we hopped into the car and I tried to strike up some more small talk. No Luck! I asked if she wanted to go to a "sports bar" with me and she replied no because she was gonig with her girlfriend from work. Her sister asked where and she replied, "a sports bar."

Can any of you see the games? In a nutshell, we got to the bar, she continued to blow me off until I got angry and pulled her to the side. I said that I didn't apprecaite what she was doing and that she should stop. She looked at me and said, "I don't know what you're talking about, you're crazy COO COO COO" Not too long after she screamed out in front of everyone at the bar, "I only want to be your friend, OK!" Had nothing to do with what I was asking her ad more to do with the show she was trying to put on in front of everyone.

Long story short, 9 screwdrivers later and refusing to leave and let her win, I blurted out some things that I disliked about her before, she punched my in the face twice, I flicked a cigarattee at her in response, and then walked out.


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