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Okay how about this one, when we were together we were young, in highschool, only about three months and I didn't see it as "serious". Now I had had serious relationships so I wasn't just a commitment freak. It's valentines day and he tells me he loves me, he wants to marry me, he wishes we could get pregnant.. exc. And as you can imagine, I'm out the door on this relationship. About four years go by and he hasn't said word one to me when suddenly I see him on my college campus. I figure things have got to be okay by now so I say hello and he invites me to coffee. No harm right? He tells me he wants to get "serious" again and thinks about me every night since the night we broke up (back in my sophomore year in high school)I tell him I'm not looking for a boyfriend and he agrees. Then came the phone calls. He was sweet in person but left messages like "You broke my heart, you ruined my life" As you can imagine I get my number changed. Another year goes by and I see him in the small town I live in, He tells me he's matured and is sorry for everything and understands how crazy he must have sounded, and then kisses me. I tell him I'm seriously seeing somebody and all he says is, "You always find ways to break my heart." I'd talked to him for a total of 40 seconds, physco ex??


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