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Words Are Only Words

My lesson? Words Are Only Words.
So I dated him for 5 months, i was officially "with him" for 7 months.. and our break up lasted about 3. A break up of three months? Well here's how it went down. The initial break up wasnt suppossed to have happened, it was a fight that just madly escalated. There were bad words and tears but the words were said "lets break up". About a week later, when both of us are dying, he asks for me back and i say no, because i have a ridiculously stupid pride. Two more weeks go by and i want him back, he has to think about it. Anyway this went on for a total of about Three months until the last time when he showed up unexpectedly to say "I miss you, i love you, but i need time to think, please wait for me." Advise ladies? Don't wait, words are only words and he didnt mean a thing. His time to think meant time for me to sit around while he found a new girlfriend. We haven't been able to look at eachother since then, or talk for more then 2 minutes, he was recently hired at my work place and i'll have to see him face to face everyday of the week. Just don't fall into that trap, the "i need time" line gets pretty old and you shouldn't hang around, if he doesn't want you right then and there, he doesn't want you at all. Words are only words.


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