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After we had been together for a little more than 2 years he started going out every night drinking

When I met my ex he was 20 and I was 18 and we started dating after a few weeks. He was so sweet in the beginning. He said that he loved in a month and our relationship progressed from there. I started to fall in love with him too but later on in the relationship. For the first 6months our relationship was great. Then this one night I kissed another guy and it really changed the relationship. I relized how much he really did love me and begged him to be with me and that I owuld change. After a coulpe days of talking it over he said yes I never was so happy and I wanted to be with him for the rest of my life nothing else mattered to me. I went through alot of crap with him in the future because that one mistake but I took it becuase I loved him and did not want it to end. My friends thought it was too much and that he should just forgive because he would still bring it up and make me feel like crap about it. After about a year of dating our realtionship was alright we would have our good times and bad times. I then went to college and I lived on campus he always thought I was cheating on him and I did not even talk to any guys there but sometimes my roomate would have guys over but I would not even talk to them sometimes I would leave because I felt uncomfortable and I told him this. he would still make me feel like crap though. So I started to just stay at his apartment all the time so he would not worry so much. I thought that would help but sometimes he would still get scared and think I was doing stuff with the guys in the building and that was not the case. He would make me feel like a horriable girlfriend. Then next semester we decided to move in with one other which actually worked out better. He would still worry sometimes but I would be honest I tell him everything even if a guy just said hi or something to me. Since we were living together he would not be there that much sometimes and his excuse was we lived together and we always saw one other. I would have ask him to be home because I wanted to spend time together. We would go to the movies sometimes but we would fight on how much we saw one other and wanted to see him more than he wanted to see me sometimes. But when we hung out we would have good times I thought. I trusted him with my whole heart and he would go out to the bar and drimk. After we have been together for a little more than 2 years he started going out every night drinking and would not come home until the mourning because he was spennding the night at his friends house but he would never call me to tell me if he was coming home or not. So I would worry about him I started to scared that something changed in our relationship and talked to my friend about it she said that he could be cheating but I said no he would never do that to me. I never thought about it once. Then the next day I tried to talk to him about it and he told that he did not want to talk about it. So the next day he tells me that we have to talk and I say well ya. He starts to tell me that he wants to be single and that this whole week he has been cheating on me. I just could not believe that he actually cheated on me. I thought he would never do that to me. It really broke my heart. Then a few minutes later he got ready for work and left me. I was just there crying and crying. I did not think it was real. I later found out that this girl that I hung out with that was dating one of his friends knew he was cheating on me and I was telling her before the break up that he would never cheat on me and she knew at the time he was out cheating on me. I even went with her to the mall and bought him a cell phone she was telling me that I should not buy anything for him because he was being a jerk but I said oh well I want to buy it for him maybe we will make up. I guess I was just really dumb. To this day I still love him and want him back but of course there would have to be some changes. Its been a couple months and I try to meet new people but some remind me of my ex and then I like them. But I always think about him and I don't know if he ever thinks about it does not seem like.


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