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and he broke up with me over the phone

my ex the a**hole
we went out for a while and he found out eventhough i told he in the first place that i had an eating problem. and he got so mad at me cuz i wouldnt eat and he said he wanted to be with forever. and what dose he do he gose and cheats on me. with one of my best friends god that really pisses me off big time. and he broke up with me over the phone i really loved him. but i also found out that one of my best friends told him that i waz cheating on him and that i would do any guy that came my way. and me im not like that. i dont know why ppl cant see that. well not only did he brake up with me over the phone he had someone do it for him cuz (poor little baby) thought i waz going to beat the s**t out of him which i should do by the way.
but after about a mouth of our split he starts to show intrest again and he comes up to me and flirts with me like we have no past. well i got news for him he can kiss my a$$ i dont give a F*** any more about him.
so there he can live with out me for the rest of his life.
and to think i even considered getting back together with that thing.(if he is a thing at all.)


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