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donít dwell on your past because really all you can do is rise above it

Iím eighteen years old and I have a daughter by a girl named B*, and my babyís name is A*.

It all started when I met a girl at a store close to my house. We met and things got hot. Now, Iím not the most attractive male by any standards. Now, for B*, Iíve dreamed of girls half as hot as she was. She brought a gift into my life that I love more than anything else! On December 05th, 2003 A* was born! Seven pounds, zero ounces, she was the most beautiful little angel I had ever seen with my own two eyes, and just to think that she was mine made it all the more meaningful. B* and I were dating during the entire pregnancy, and I was there for her for everything she needed. She is just two weeks younger than I, so we were on the same intellectual level. This made for great conversation by the way.

As it turned out, A* is not my biological child. I found this out about 4 months after A* was born. It tore my heart out. I have never felt like someone just ripped the heart out of my chest to stomp on it. I couldnít let this ruin my relationship with my daughter, let me put this into perspective. Her biological father is in jail and does nothing to better himself except for drugs. I canít let this guy around my daughter. I know that God will keep her safe from harm. As it lies, he has no parental rights over A*, due to his criminal record and other disclosed purposes.

After finding out the news it took me a little time to cope, but I accepted the fact that I wasnít her daddy biologically but I was surely the one she calls Daddy! Iím the one she smiles at when I sing to her, and the one that gets to tuck her into bed! Iím lucky to be able to father her, I can never explain how gifted I am for having that child. She surprises me every time weíre together. Sheís almost smarter than her daddy, and definatly smarter than her mother. =) I just think itís so damn funny, the other evening I was showing A* photoís of animals online and I looked into my pictures folder and showed her a picture of her mommy. Anyone guess what she said? I wouldnít of guessed it neither. ďCOW!!!Ē ROTFÖ I think thatís the funniest thing sheís done so far! I guess my point is, good things can come of bad relationships. So, donít dwell on your past because really all you can do is rise above it and look forward to your future.


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