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he has helped me through so much in the dark times of my life

i dated this guy for..well its spread out through a year. he broke up with me and i made the mistake by taking him back...3 more times. he lead me on all three times and then broke up with me when i thought things were at there best. i mean he broke up with me on homecoming night the first time and then when i had found somebody that actually liked me for me and i started seeing them and he heard about it, he would call me or start talking to me again and get my hopes back up by telling me that he loved me and all. Yes he did that to me 3 times with 2 different guys. Yeah i wasnt exactly seeing what was happening and broke up with those guys for him when in reality he couldnt get a girl and decided to hurt my chances with any guy that might actually be a perfect match for me. Yes it gets worse. Hes doing it again. This guy had totally won my heart and has known it and can only do whatever he can to torture me except for this time i ignored him. i feel like im still in love with him though because although he has that stupid side to him where he lies about love, he has helped me through so much in the dark times of my life, given me my first kiss, actually shown me how a real bf is suppose to act, smart, funny, and there. love totally without a doubt sucks!


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