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I believe in God and he worships the Devil

I have been best friends with him since the 7th grade. He has always liked me. I went out with him a couple times in the 7th but broke up with him after like the first day. but his year I really like him. But I can't stay with ihm for more than a week. I have decided to completely stop going out with him until after high school because I want to stay with ihim forever, because I know that if I hurt him too much then he wont go out with me later. He has always treated me right, but we both have different religions. I believe in God and he worships the Devil. I have tried to change his mind but he won't listen. He is still my best friend but I don't know if he should be more than a friend or not. I am hoping that he believe's in God soon so that my decision can be made up soon. i still love him. I told him that if someone would take me and him and said that one person would die, whether it be me or him, and I told him that I would tell the person to take me, then when he asked why I told him that it was because I wanted him to go to heaven and he just hung up on me. I think that he is starting to consider even thinking about changing his religion though.


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