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I just got dumped by a 29 year old man who was controlling, evil, and judgemental

I am a 22 year old female with an awful story. I just got dumped by a 29 year old man who was controlling, evil, and judgemental. We were together for almost 3 years, on and off. I know that the heartache is for the best, but the timing is so bad! I am recently going through an addiction to pain pills and am heavily emotional. It has been one day since the break up, and I can't seem to stop calling.
I keep picturing him with someone else, and my jealousy is making me feel almost suicidal. I know in my head that this is for the best, but why does my heart hurt so bad? I can't stop crying, and when I finally dry up, I hear a stupid song or see a commercial that makes me cry all over again. Why won't he come over and tell me he loves me? He says he still does, so why not work this out?
I feel like a doormat with no self-esteem.

Love, Bitter in Bradenton, FL

[Comment from RomanceClass: if you feel suicidal, call 1-800-SUICIDE or in severe trouble call 911]


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