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He Got me Pregnant then Ran Off

I had met this guy I thought was the perfect match for me. I had begged my mother to allow me to date him, but she had told me that he was no good and that I should stay away from him. I had figured that she was my mother and just didn't want me to start dating. I had dated him behind her back for about a year, and I had heard rumors about him cheating on me. I eventually found out that he was not only cheating on me but I was the one he was cheating on the girl he had been dating before me, and it was her he had begun to lie to.

We broke up and didn't talk for about 6 months, until one day I had seen my best friend and she told me that she was talking to him and that he had really changed his ways and that he was still in-love with me. I had eventually said yes to talk to him and he had talked me into giving him another chance.

Well I wasn't happy because I was still upset over the fact that he cheated on me before and I was going to break up with him. Well the rumor of that somehow got back to him and he got me pregnant on purpose thinking that would make me stay with him.

Well I did stay with him because I was scared to tell my mother that I was pregnant, and when I did finally tell my mother I wanted to give the baby up for adoption, because I had figured then that he would turn out to be a deadbeat-dad. Then when I was about 6 months pregnant he cheated on me while I was pregnant with his baby. He was still around but we were broken up, and he had told me and promised me that he would be there for the baby if I would keep it. Well I changed my mind and decided to keep the baby to make everyone happy, and I had really thought that he was going to be there for at least his daughter.

Well now he doesn't come around at all, just as I thought, and he even has the nerve to go around and him, and his family talk shit on me saying i'm a no good mother and that I don't allow him to be in his daughters life!


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