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I was going out with this guy and i dumped him for an older, hotter and more interesting guy

Ok so... I was going out with this guy and i dumped him for an older, hotter and more interesting guy. It was hard for me to break up with the first one but i did ne way and he told me that i would get hurt by this new guy, which i didn't believe at the time. After i broke up with the frist guy and was with the second guys EVERYTHING was great. We were the best of friends and we loved being with eachother. We "talked" for about a month then he finally asked me out. THings went down hill from there. When we were talking it seemed like we were going out, when we were going out it seemed like we hated eachother. Anyways one of his best friends admitted to cheatin on his girl friend and i was the one who told his girl friend...But my boyfriend at the time went to comfort her .....Which meant spending every wakeing moment with her and nothing with me so he didn't talk to me for about a week then IMed me all of a sudden and said he wanted to break up with me cuz he didn't know what he wanted...he proceeded to do taht and then WENT OUT WITH THIS BEST FRIENDS EX GIRL FRIEND WHO WAS A FRIEND OF MINE RIGHT AFTER HE BROKE UP WITH ME AND SHE BROKE UP WITH HIS BEST FRIEND...yea wat a freakin boyfriend ...Keep your enemys close BUT keep your best friends closer....


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