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Never date a foreigner

Never date a foreigner. I was romanced by a foreign man who already had his citizenship. We eventually got married. Well, it turned out his citizenship certificate was a fake one he had bought, and the only reason I found out was that the INS called me about needing to verify our marriage certificate because he wasn't registered as a citizen. I was furious. He told me there was some mixup and that his citizenship was real, but I knew better. The story gets more sordid. Every time I would be around his family members they would shut up when I walked into the room. I knew something was up, but they would be really nice to me and cook me ethnic dinners and such. When I tried to help in the kitchen, they would adamantly refuse and kick me out so they could talk about me behind my back. In hindsight, I should have known they were using me just so he could become a citizen of this country, but I was in love with him. Then the fights started, and he started hitting me. I wondered why because he was such a nice guy usually. I moved out for my safety, and when I was coming back to the house for some things, I bumped into an ethnic looking woman leaving our house. I thought she was a cleaning lady at first, and I said, "Hi", and she looked really scared and left in a hurry. I went back weeks later for my husband to sign the divorce papers and noticed the house had a more feminine touch and some other person's items were there. He said he had just been shopping, but these were things that he would never buy. SHE, the ethnic woman happened to come in the front door. She looked like a deer caught in the headlights, and just went into the other room. I wanted to know who she was, and he finally admitted that she was his new girlfriend- a distant cousin from back home. I thought- fine- he's dating again. Well, I went out to lunch a year later with my ex's sister, and she finally told me the truth. The ethnic woman was his wife from Trinidad, and he had been married to her for 15 years. My ex and his wife had 2 children together, were still married when I married him, and she was moving herself and their 2 kids into the house we had lived in together. I was also told that his family told him to hit me so that I'd leave after he got his citizenship so he get me out and move his family here. I was devestated, but I should have seen the signs. He and his family now live there, and I guess I'm just wiser. Anyone out there be wary of people like this. Not all foreigners are bad, but I got caught up in this bad situation.


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