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Never date a married man. He'll always go back to his wife

NEVER have an affair with a married man. I had an affair with my manager who was just recently married. He was such a geek. For months he flirted with me and did really wierd and stupid things to get my attention AT WORK. I was surprised at his behavior, and wasn't sure why he didn't lose his job because of his actions. Anyway, he looked so despondent one day, and I asked him what was the matter. He said married life wasn't turning out as he had planned, and his wife was unhappy. I told him, "Who said that you have to MAKE your wife HAPPY? She's a big girl, she can handle herself." Then his eyes got really wide, and he said, "Do you really think so?" And I said, "YES". Then he asked me if we could talk more about it at the coffee shop after work, and I said OK because I felt sorry for him. We talked, and he told me how his wife never thought he was good enough, and he had to make all the money and she wanted a big house and all the trappings of success. I asked him what was wrong with that, and he said that he didn't want to work so hard- he wanted to be a bachelor again. I TOLD him he would miss his wife if he left her, but he just kept saying how miserable he was. Finally, after several counseling sessions with him, I suggested that we sleep together just to see what life would be like on the other side. I thought this would cure him and he would go back to his wife. Not so. He kept calling me, and we'd meet in hotel rooms in the middle of the day or at night where he'd explain to his wife he was out with the guys or playing golf. We enjoyed being with each other, but I didn't know what effect I was really having on his life because one day he started crying and told me he wanted to be married to ME. I totally backed off and ended it and told him to go back to his wife. He said all he could think about was me, and I told him that if he was living with me how would he know if it would be any different. He assured me that I WAS different from his wife, and subsequently he moved out of his house into an apartment. The dumb guy TOLD his wife about me, even my NAME, and she called me and told me I was a homewrecker and a terrible person. I felt bad, but this was his choice. After their divorce, I had to put up with his constant attempts to be "friends" but I wouldn't sleep with him. Then after about six months, he asked ME to MARRY him! What a mess! I said no, and he got mad and told me I ruined his life. Well, HE was the instigator of the affair, not me, and HE was so unhappy with his wife in the first place. Finally, after 3 months, he called me and told me he was going back to his wife after all. I told him it was about time he came to his senses, and I knew that would happen all along. He got mad, but friends are supposed to tell each other that stuff. He didn't talk to me at work for 2 weeks. Then, he suddenly asked me out to lunch again. I looked at him like he was insane, and told him I didn't think that would be a good idea. I wished him well in his marriage, but I didn't think we should be friends anymore because he'd think about being with me again. My advice: Never date a married man. He'll always go back to his wife.


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