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He was cute, sweet, clever, polite, romantic etc., Our conversations were deep and intellectual

OKAY. Writing this makes my head spin while smoke comes out of my ears...Everything was perfect, too perferct. He was cute, sweet, clever, polite, romantic etc., Our conversations were deep and intellectual; however, one day his answers began to be composed of, "Mmmhs", and "Ahas". So, I found out he made out with this chick at a party...he was drunk but that's no excuse. I forgave him. A couple of weeks later I noticed he was starting to go back to that automaton behavior. He said he wanted to break up. I was desvastated...but I was not mad because he said he HAD too. His mom disliked me and would send him to military school if he refused to end his involvement with me (we got back together..he changed his mind). This was of course a lie. Then, he said he had a hereditary heart disease. Bull. Finally, he admitted having developed feelings for his neighbour, a childhood friend. It felt like I had been stabbed in the heart...nevertheless, I did not make a big fuzz about it. I've got pride...or at least I did until my best friend confessed to me that my boyfriend was trying to get her to split up with HER man. He had a crush on her...even the story about the neighbour had been fictional. HE FELL IN LOVE WITH HIS GIRLFRIEND'S BEST FRIEND, HIS BEST FRIEND'S GIRLFRIEND. She rejected him and he came back to me... two words for you man, "GO TO HELL", okay, three words...but hell doesnt count; its being used as a distraction factor for a much more crude slang i would have used if not for the shreds of sanity I have left.


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