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I would sneak out in the middle of the night to be with him

I was sophomore in highschool when I started to date this guy. We dated for about one and a half year. He was so good to me, he was sweet, spontatneous, romantic, and i could really tell that he loved me because he showed. I was always myself around him. We shared friends, so him hanging out with his friends were never a problem to me knowing that I could have fun too and vice versa. My parents were always in the way of our relationship. They would always tell me that he's not good for me, that if our relationship ever went further he would never be able to support me. So I rebelled against my parents, I would sneak out in the middle of the night to be with him. I just couldn't spend one second without him with me. That only went on for so long until it got a lot stressful for my parents dealing with me. Then I start to realize that I was hurting my parents more than them hurting me for pulling me away from my boyfriend. So I had to break up with him, pretending that I just stopped loving him. My theory is that a person can never stop loving someone when they're truly and madly inlove with someone. Breaking up with him hurt me a lot too. Six months went by and we started to talk again. We got back together but it wasn't the same. I thought that I pushed him away too long that he wasn't the same guy i dated six months before. I was trying so hard to get back to that place where we were always happy, but trying to go back to the past just wasnt working. As time went on we became distant we saw less of each other and I began to meet other guys. I must admit I had cheated on him twice and admit it to him. I hit myself for hurting the one that loved me so much the way that I did. And now I'm living with a guy whom I'm not as happy with as much as I was with my ex. We have a kid together. If I could have one thing right now I want more than anything is to be with my ex again. Despite his hardships in life, he knew how to heal my heart. And right now I need him for that.


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