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I dont know if i will ever find my Mr. right out there

I am 23 yrs of age,i am divorced and a single mom with two little girls that are my world. I have been seeing this guy for about one yr. When we first started talking, I made it very clear that i only wanted to be friends with him because of everything i had already been through in the last couple of yrs. This worked for about 6 months and i found him being the one whos shoulder i used to cry my eyes out. The one who was reading to my children and just the one being there for us. He started being with me and the girls almost everyday, We began dateing and I feel in love with this man. I often told him that everything in me was telling me to run away, but my heart belonged to him. My oldest daughter calls him her stepdad. This i tried to stop but it didnt work they do love him. I have delt with more from this man than i ever delt with from my ex husband. Dont get wrong there are reasons why he is an ex. The gentleman i am speaking of, has cheated lied and brought another life into our world in the process of this relationship and i have forgave my a** off for the past yr. I recentley broke up with him. The girls and I do miss him, I think mostley the comfort of him. We have moved on or well on our way of moveing on. We were doing this just fine until about 3 weeks ago, he sent me a text saying " I hope you regret this for the rest of your life." I cant help but thinking for that statement how much i hate him for his words, and at the same time, could he be right. I dont know if i will ever find my Mr. right out there, but i have relized through this wasted year that i have learned a vaulable lesson, that is not to settle.


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