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who walks past, hand in hand with LITERLY the biggest slut in my town. . .'him'

well. . .it started months ago when we first started dateing, things were goin fine but then after a few weeks. . the txt message's stopped comming and i hadn't heard from him atall. i basicaly took it as a hint and tried to forget about him. a few weeks later i saw him out at a club. . pushing up on random girls, i couldnt beleive what i was seeing. this guy id thought alot of was actualy the biggest creep ive ever met! i decided to walk by, just to let him know i was there. . .he looked me straight in the eye and completely blanked me. total devastation! anyway, even more weeks went by and id finaly got him out of my head. . .untill the next time i went back to the very same club! he came straight over to me at the bar, telling me i looked 'awesum' and that he'd lost his cell phone so he wasnt able to come into contact with me!? i decided that i'd give it another go after all the persuation. things continued like this for the next 2 or 3 months. . we were on and off like a light bulb! i decided that it wasnt fair, he shouldnt be doing this to me. .i can find someone who wasnt goin to mess me around. .rite!?. . thats exactly what i did. when he found out i was dateing again, he had yet another change of heart and wanted us to "work things out" again. when i'd said no, i didnt hear from him again. me and "new guy" didnt end up workin out, so i was single again! the minute me ex saw me out again. . .he practicly demanded me to go out with him on another date! i thought rite ok. .he obviously wants what he cant have!? so if he wants what he cant have, il make him want me even more! i didnt return his txt messages and carried on with my life without him like i was doing before! i had alot of feelings for him, dont get me wrong. . i just couldnt understand why? why was i falling for someone so bad for me? i then got to a phase where i was out partying every weekend! i hadnt seen him out for weeks which i thought was strange. then, 1 random weekend when i hand't planned on goin out, 1 of my girlfriends rung me and told me that we were going out and i had no say in the matter! so off we went, usual places to see our usual people, it ended up one of the best nites ive had! wen we got into the club, we had the 'usual' male attention. .but no1 i could say was my type. we went for a dance and who was standin over at the bar. . starring like hell!? 'him'. . .he came over to me and gave me the "your the only girl i can say iv'e ever realy thought about". . .so ye, you geussed it. . we hookd up again. things were working out so we made it official. we were an item. now, id told him i wanted to wait until we slept together for a while, because thats just not me. he agreed and we got to like ecah others company. . i felt good that he wasnt just in it for the sex like most guys. after a month, he asked me if i was ready and i still didnt want to, i felt that i can do things in my own time.i dont need to be pressured. when id told him that, i saw the instant look of disapointment on his face. after that. . things started to go downhill.he wasnt callin as much as he used to. . .he was the one that chased me for ages and when i finaly gave in, he wanted to se me practicly every day! all his friends would say things like "hes in love". . ."hes a changed man". . ."your slackin on our nites out". . but i knew soon enough he'd be back to his old ways once he got bored. he then told me he didnt want a girlfriend anymore and i immeadiately knew why. i just said fine, no hard feelings. . i wish ud have told me sooner. and that was that. i was hurting so much at this point, i dont know what it is about bad boys...my weakness. .no wonder i dont get anywhere!. .i was so hurt that he'd finished things especialy because i didnt sleep with him. i thought i was different to "other girls" he'd been with, i liked that fact. anyway, my girlfriends dragged me out on a wild nite out to get over the jerk once and for all. worst posible thing they could have done. 'he' was out that very same nite. he said hi and i jus smiled, nothing too extreme. . but i felt good that i had other guys comming over to talk to me while he was watchin! anyway, it came to the end of the nite and we all went for our usual take away at the end of the nite. . .we were sooo hungry! as we came out of the restaurant, who walks past, hand in hand with LITERLY the biggest slut in my town. . .'him'. i was devastated. he glanced back at me and a look of guilt was upon his face. i havent heard or seen him scinse then. . .but im just glad that i didnt sleep with him, i only would have been just another number to him. thankfully ive got great mates who helped through everything. i havent dated scinse and i wont b for a very long time. . you just cant trust anyone, even when u think u know them.


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