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I met this guy online in a game room. We chatted everyday then web cam everyday an then spoke on the phone overnight. For 6 months. He dedicated him self to me. said he loved me. Wrote poetry was the kind loving person I've ever known. He lived in Montana I am in California.
He sends me a ticket to fly out for the weekend. Great!
So I buy new clothes get nails done put a lot of preparation into it. I arrive at 10 PM he picks me up at the curb. OK
Then he take me to his favorite pub. Not telling me that 3 EXlovers are there.. I kind of figured one gal was cuz she was staring me down. So we leave in the car I asked him He says yes. There were 3 in there.

We get to his apartment Its a mess I trip over clothes just to get in the room. His beds unmade cloths papers scattered. In his fridge all he had was rum an Pepsi an condiments. We have a drink an its late so we head to his room. After sex witch was good I didn't get my cookie but he did. I lean over to the night stand and what do I see a pair of cheap girls hooped earrings.. Now I don't care if he has sex, but the lack of respect he has for me he could have put them away. I pretended not to see them I still had 3 days left. So the next day we went to breakfast then he drove me around showed me where he worked. Rented movies went back an watch em. Not once to say he was glad I came no loving words were spoken to me. He wasn't the guy I knew from online. He was moody as all hell an I just kept smiling. Im a guest I am polite. I kept al my stuff together an cleaned up after myself. I didn't complain did what ever he wanted to do. I was pretty p*ssed about the earrings but I hide it from him. So the last day comes an im packing Can you believe he starts changing his sheets. He did do that for me. Ouch I asked him why He said he didn't want to smell my perfume after I was gone. Then I brought up the earrings an said that was rude, he never apologized or said a thing. Why the hell he send for me?
Now he didn't prepare for me before I got there so It couldn't have been anything I did when I was there. At the airport he didn't even get out of his car. he kissed me an mumbled something an I walked off.
So what do I think I think he's a jerk I left there feeling so damned hurt. No emails from him nor a phone call Its like the six months was just a fairy tale.
online loser


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