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in 6th grade I went out with a boy named A* ( he was sooo cute and still is)

Let's see.... in 6th grade I went out with a boy named A* ( he was sooo cute and still is) than we broke up cuz I found him cheating on me, for maybe for 4 months I stayed single than my stepsister came home from school and she was tellin me about this super cute boy named W* so W* called me and we talked and we just clicked immediately we went out for almost 2 yrs... Than we broke up ( the break up's never end, haha) Than I stayed single for a while and than I was online chatting with boys this boy J* IMed me and asked me if I was single and I said yes I am... he wanted to call me so I let him.... the 2nd day BAM! he asked me out at first I was like ummmm..... uhhhhh..... lol I didn't kno what to say so I just typed it too him he was like babe, why r u soooo shy? lol, well hello! the girl doesn't espect you to ask her out the 2nd day,right? so than my 17th b-day came and he stayed down my house ( I live in Pa, he lives in NJ) everything was perfect..... He was sooo hott and still is than we broke up... and now I have a new bf named N* and i'm never letting him go we love each other so much!!!


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