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He Loves Them and Leaves Them

I had just start going to a new high school. Quickly I had gotten very popular I was liked by girls as friends. And admired by boys. I didt want a boyfriend because I just like talking to them on the phone. Than one day a boy who had just came off suspension . Wanted to talk to me,I didt want to go with him but we switched numbers anyway.

I begin talking to this boy on the phone and I really start liking him. I could tell him anything.So the following weekend we start going together. Alot of girls liked him,he was also popular.But he always stayed devoted
to me.Four months had passed and we were still happy and going together. We had finally decided to have sex I wanted him to be my first. So when the time came down to it

He didt fit but he said we would try next time.I had found out later it did't work because I wasn't relaxed. But my boyfriend act as he didt care and we continued to talk and be a couple a week later. Than this girl that he knew wanted to talk to him. they had switched numbers

I found out and he denied it,but that same day he broke up with me to go with the girl. I was hurt and devasted.He still act asif he liked me. But I had learned from the ex before me. That he had also broke up with her to talk to me. I told her that if I knew that I would't of went with him. But I told her he had also did the same to me


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