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A wolf in sheeps clothing

We met while deployed in Bosnia, with the Army. He was an attractive, down to earth, funny, CPT. I was a young, recently single, impressionable SPC. He swept me off my feet and it went that way for two years.

He was perfect....too perfect, now that I think about it. he would write love notes and tell me I was "the one". He helped my mother out when she was robbed. I never had any idea that things would end any other way than perfect fairy tale ending.

Then I was deployed again, this time without him, in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. This is when Mr. Perfect turned into Mr. Jerk. He didn't want to come see me before I went off to war because he had plans with friends and he could not break them. He didn't write me one letter the entire year, claiming the he did but they must have gotten lost in the mail.....come on do I look that dumb. he would write an e-mail here and there still claiming that he loved and missed me so much it hurt.

He lost his job half way through the war and started using my bank account to pay the bills, which at the time was fine he had provided for me when I didn't have a job. Everything was ok until I saw my 10,000 dollar bank account dwindle in a matter of months to 2,000. I couldn't let myself believe that my prince was screwing me over! Love makes you do stupid things.

I even went to visit him on my mid tour leave and he had me hanging out with his current girlfriend, without my knowledge, the whole time! I returned from to Iraq to finish the rest of the deployment and things went the same way as before, even though he had promised to write. He continued to abuse my bank account and i continued to let him. (trust me i know my part in this)

Two weeks before we were set to go home I get an e-mail from him.........to my surprise it's a DEAR JANE e-mail!!!!!!! Breaking up with me while I am over here. After 3 years he did it over e-mail. It was a heartless e-mail saying that he was tired of pretending that he loved me and that he has already moved on......moved on but still using my account to take his new girlfriend out with!!!!!!!

To end a long drawn out story....like this relationship, I have learned my lesson and will never repeat this mistake again.


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